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Ga. Lottery Updates:
HB487 changes the oversight and regulation of bona fide coin operated amusement machines (COAMs) from the Georgia Department of Revenue (GADOR) to the Georgia Lottery Corporation. The legislation provides a new revenue system for education. It also provides for additional oversight and monitoring requirements. For further details, please visit http://www.galottery.com/about-us.

Ga. Class B Accounting Terminals- HB487 address the Class B accounting terminal system/Network which will connect all Class B Machines for auditing purposes. By July 1, 2014, the Lottery Commission is expected to have this communication network in place. Six months after procurement of the Class B accounting terminal network, all class B machines will be linked to the network.

License & Support

Vintage Amusement, LLC is a master license holder for coin operated amusement machine (COAM) approved by the State of Georgia. Each location owner/operator is required to fill out and submit a Location License COAM Application. for a license and decals for every COAM’s placed on site. Vintage Amusement’s goal is to assist all of our customers with the proper licenses, decals and permits, thereby complying with the rules and regulations set forth by Ga. State and Ga. Department of Revenue.

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